Five Rules to Live By

We all have unwritten rules that we live by. These rules help to shape the rhythms of work, relationship and even our worship. It is easy to collect rules for life like you would pick up odds and ends at a garage sale – without much forethought or purpose. I want to challenge you to prayerfully consider developing a rule of life.

Here are my five rules for life:

  1. Love fully – Hold nothing back, don’t guard your heart, but be reckless and abandoned in loving God and others. You’ll never regret loving others. The pain of rejection is far less than the pain of being alone.
  2. Live generously – Jesus said, “It is better to give than receive.” So go for the best life you can by giving as much as you can. In the end, the value of your life will be measured by what you contributed, not by what you accumulated.
  3. Learn daily – “A wise man will hear and increase learning” Pr. 1:5. Your brain is like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it will get. Ask yourself, “What did I learn today?”
  4. Lead fearlessly – Stop complaining about the direction your life, the country, your church is going and step up and provide leadership to a tribe of fellow travelers who share your heart and your passion.
  5. Laugh heartily – “A joyful heart is good medicine” Pr. 17:22. Don’t take yourself or your circumstances so seriously you can’t laugh at both. Life is a vapor that, when lived without humor, is like breathing toxic fumes.

So what are your rules of life?

5 thoughts on “Five Rules to Live By

    1. One that becomes more real to me every day, the older I get, the more grace I need and the more grace I need to extend to others. Basically we all need to be more grace-full!

  1. 1. Do not give up, press on.
    – wait upon God
    2. Be honest in all you do
    – even if you did wrong, people respect and deserve honesty.
    3. Root for the underdog
    – give hope and cheer on the one who needs it most
    4. See from both sides
    – always put yourself in the shoes of both parties and remember they both have souls given to then by God.
    5. Feel it to heal it
    – you cannot heal what you cannot feel. do not drink or numb pain away, feel it and grasp on to Jesus’ hand.

  2. 1 Be true to yourself because if you aren’t you’re already dead (spiritually and personally)
    2 Always say everything as it is (my dad taught me that) regardless of the consequences
    3 Contemplate everything until you reach perfect conclusion
    4 Have the Holy Spirit define what exactly each fellow human is to you
    5 Never be religious but let the religion come as a result of your spiritual truth that lives in you
    6 Enjoy junk food (sandwiches are my heaven on earth) but only moderately but otherwise listen to your body …
    7 Drink plenty of (filtered) tap water in order to remain healthy
    8 Always strive for what is most precious to you even if you know you might not be blessed with it (pre-destination)
    9 Feel your mother Earth underneath your butt so you know how important it is not to destroy her with pollution,
    10 Try really not to judge but think deep and find the answer for something you want to be wise about

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