Do you know the 7 early warning signs of a wasted life?





1. A significant portion of your life is being lived in front of a screen:

Society is continually sucking us into a virtual form of living. For many, the Internet has opened a whole world of wasted time. For some, going to the movies has been the most epic experience they’ve had all month. We are encouraged to play Wii or Kinect as a form of exercise and many grown men are still playing video games into their 30’s

2. You are unhappy with most of your relationships:

Have you been so focused on being happy than you forgot to be loving? The reality is that happiness results from loving God and others. Bitterness is all that comes from loving just your self. A life lived for self is a wasted life.

3. You’ve settled for a career instead of pursuing a calling:

The word “career” has its origins in the 1500’s Latin word cararia that means, “a track for wheeled vehicles.” It was a rut created by a lot of traffic going in the same direction. In this sense, a career is a rut you get into by following everyone elses tracks. By contrast, the word “vocation” actually comes from the Latin word vocare which means, “to call.” It is the giving of your life to that which you feel God is calling. So, are you stuck in a rut or following your God-given calling?

4. You’re accumulating more debt than depth:

Debt in many ways is a sign of discontentment. Paul the Apostle said, “I have learned how to be content with whatever I have. I know how to live on almost nothing or with everything.” The secret to a fulfilled life is not to fill it with more stuff but to fill it with real purpose and meaning.

5. You are making a good living but no real contribution:

Jesus said it bluntly, “Life is not measured by how much you own.” A truly valuable life is measured, not by what you have gained for yourself, but what you have contributed to others. The materialistic person is subconsciously confessing that their life lacks any real value. Do you measure your net worth by what you’ve gotten or given?

6. You complain about more things than you actually change:

The only thing complaining changes is your attitude. When you complain you lose sight of everything that is worthwhile and end up with nothing to focus on but what is worthless. The real issue is not what’s wrong with others. It’s really about whether or not we will step up and provide leadership in an attempt to change things for the better. Any time complaining is wasted time.

7. Your greatest highs have come from drugs or alcohol: 

All drugs of abuse, from alcohol to nicotine to heroin, cause a series of temporary changes in the brain that artificially create that sense of “high.” If your fondest memories have come from times of distorted brain chemistry then you don’t have an authentic filter on your life and may well be wasting it away.

If you recognize any of these in your own life, remember that these are early warning signs and can be prevented if corrective action is taken. Be encouraged that you’ve recognized them while you still have time to change. Stay tuned to hear about the keys to a well lived life.

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