How To Tell The Difference Between Our Busyness And God’s Business

When Jesus was 12 His mom asked Him, “Why did you do this?” He responded, “Didn’t you know I’d be about My Father’s business.”

So let me ask you, “Why are you doing what you are doing?”

Really, stop and think about it for a minute. Do you know why you are doing what you are doing? Are you about your Father’s business or just consumed with your own busyness? In our fast paced world I sometimes wonder if we’ve lost the ability to tell the difference between the two.

One of the reasons for this is that busyness can be addictive. It provides an exhilarating but false sense of importance. If we are so busy we must be important, right? Yet, busyness, like many addictions can actually be just a coping mechanism for a deep sense of emptiness. Being busy gives us a feeling that we are in high demand while at the same time keeps us from asking ourselves whether anything we are doing is actually worth doing. So how can we tell the difference between our busyness and our Father’s business?

Here are three key characteristics of God’s work:

1. Easy not Weary: Being busy makes you weary. Doing God’s work is easy! It’s easy in the sense that the results are far greater than the effort you put into it. It’s like the difference between rowing a boat and sailing a boat. Both require work and focus, but only sailing moves you forward with a force greater than your own effort. When you are doing God’s business, it still hard work, but there is a power that produces result that your own effort never could. I’ve found that when I start to feel weary of soul it is a clear sign that I’m busy with my own stuff and it’s time to stop and refocus on God’s stuff. So, does your life feel like you are you sailing or rowing?

2. Peace-full not Stress-full: Busyness tends raise your stress levels. God’s work, however, tends to bring a sense of peace and rest. You see, it takes faith to rest — faith that ultimately God began the work and He is the one who will finish it. This brings great peace. Busyness, on the other hand, comes from a mistaken belief that the results are all up to me and I have to keep pushing hard to make things happen. Have you ever told yourself, “I’ve got so much to do I can’t possible leave at 5PM…take a day off…go on vacation” etc.? I know that I am consumed with busyness when I feel too stressed to rest. Is your soul full of peace today or are you full of stress?

3. Eternal Results not an Empty Routine: Do you ever feel like you are on a “To Do” Treadmill? You’re running hard but going no where. The screen on the treadmill tries to reassure you that climbed some hills and covered some distance, but the reality is that when you finally climb off you’re in the exact the same place you started. Just because you are busy running doesn’t mean you are actually going anywhere. Just because you are checking off things on a to do list doesn’t mean you’ve really accomplished anything. God’s work changes things. It changes lives, it changes relationships, it changes me. I know I’m busy with an empty routine when I look back on a week or a month and nothing has changed. I’m doing the same things with no results. How about you? As you look back over the past weeks and months what has changed for the God’s glory? Are you making progress? Are lives changing around you? Are you you changing?

If after reading this what did you discover about your life. Are you weary, stressed and stuck in an empty routine. If so STOP! Don’t waste another day just being busy. Take a day off, get away for a weekend, break away from your normal routine and spend some time asking God to show you what He is doing, so that you can be about His business. What is God telling you to do?

One thought on “How To Tell The Difference Between Our Busyness And God’s Business

  1. George! This is great. I love how clearly you explain the difference between busyness and being about God’s business. Makes for an easy way to check yourself daily. Thank you for sharing.

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