Are You Too Busy? Take this simple test and find out:

Read the following statements & rate your self on a scale of 1 to 4 as they apply to you:

(1 = Never, 2 = Sometimes, 3 = Usually, 4 = Always)

  1. You struggle to juggle family, work, relationships, life, etc.
  2. Waiting at red lights causes you stress
  3. Eating is a time for multitasking (i.e. driving, answering emails/texts, etc.)
  4. You don’t have time to exercise (Note: sprinting from one activity to the next doesn’t count as interval training)
  5. A family meal is going through the drive through together
  6. Going to the bathroom is your main source of solitude
  7. You have so much to do you can’t decide where to start, so you go on to Facebook to see what everyone else is doing
  8. You can’t wait for your day off so you can work on all the stuff you haven’t gotten to yet
  9. Things has been on your To-Do list so long you don’t have to do them anymore
  10. You think it’s still Sunday. (Ha – just kidding – I know it’s really Monday. Wait…  What?)

If you scored more than 30 on this test you are definitely way too busy. This Labor Day weekend, take a break from the busyness and enjoy a restful, non-stressful day with Jesus!

5 thoughts on “Are You Too Busy? Take this simple test and find out:

    1. Thanks Lisa. I almost added a disclaimer at the end that said, “If this didn’t make you laugh at yourself – you are terminally busy and should seek immediate medical attention.”

      Thanks for sharing the post as well. I appreciate it!

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